Puncher & Punch Bender

With a BEIL punch or a punch bender which is optimally adjusted to your printing machine, you prepare your printing plates for printing with highest precision, taking into account the format and printing plate. The function of the printing plate punch is triggered manually, pneumatically or electrically, according to the model. Depending on the model, the printing plate is positioned via depth and side stops with indicator light, format specific pins or camera systems.


  • Space-saving design
  • Multi-format capable
  • Simple positioning of the printing plates
  • Very long life span

All models can be individually adapted to your needs through various additions. Due to the robust quality construction, all models are low-maintenance and particularly durable.


  • Printing plate width up to 1680 mm
  • Table model or floor model with inclined table
  • Mechanical release via foot pedal and hand lever or via push button
  • Punching configuration according to customer specifications
  • Electrical system control via signal lamp (no external power supply required)
  • Removal slot for printing plates
  • Plate alignment via centring unit or side stop
  • Integration option for additional format specific pins
  • Bending geometries according to customer specifications
  • Printing plate fixing via rubber-coated clamping bars
  • Removal of the printing plate by plate ejector
  • Horizontal or vertical alignment via adjustable feet
  • Robust quality construction for special durability
  • Product parts are made of high-quality materials
  • Colour: light grey; other RAL colours on request

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