Robotic Auto Loader

6-axis robot for loading CTPs with unexposed printing plates directly from the pallet.

The RAL is a flexible and reliable pallet loader to load printing plates directly from pallets to an imagesetter. A wide range of formats can be taken into account. By storing the intermediate papers in a flat container the units can be operated for many hours without human intervention.


  • Several printing plate formats in direct access
  • Loading of several CTPs possible
  • Simple positioning of the printing plates
  • Flat depositing of the interleaving paper in a container
  • Flexible use of the available space
  • Low loss of value
  • Robot with payload up to 200 kg, reach up to 3,100mm, 6 axes
  • Two-roller conveyors
  • Gripper frame for plate/paper
  • Waste basket for at least 1500 interleaves
  • Safety fence with a door for pallet change
  • Ethernet router for remote access
  • Touch panel as user interface
  • max/min Plate sizes 4 pages to 96 pages Printing plates
  • Any number of printing plate formats can be reached
  • Programming of communication with third party devices
  • Dual loading (loading of two CTPs with one robot)
  • Double loading (loading of two smaller printing plates simultaneously)
  • Programming of the main control/safety functions
  • Selectively controlled vacuum cups for the different plate sizes
  • Selectively controlled vacuum suckers for the interleaf paper
  • Roller conveyor for transferring the panel to an existing roller conveyor
  • Laser measurement to determine the exact position of the plates/paper
  • Sensors for the determination of plate, paper, pallet
  • Electrical equipment of the system
  • Main switch cabinet, switch boxes, power distribution, etc..
  • Documentation (German/English)
  • Power supply: 400 V 32A
  • Compressed air supply 6-8 bar; 1/4 inch
  • Network RJ45

Plate carriage for up to 120 printing plates and optional RFID for unique identification

Printing plate stackers with shifted stacking on the carts

Siemens touch panel with signal lamp

Bending machine for up to 200 panels/hour

Customised conveyor technology

Bridge for feeding several imagesetters

Paper container for at least 1200 intermediate papers

Robotic arm with suction plate

Pallet storage spaces for different formats

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