Sheet-fed printing

Printing plate processing lines with sorting

Inline printing plate processing systems for all printing plate formats. Customised solutions from a simple stand-alone unit to a fully integrated processing line with bending, sorting and interfaces to other systems.


  • Increased degree of automation in production
  • Relief of the operating personnel
  • Reduction of handling errors
  • Increased overall productivity

Swivel conveyor as men passage

Roller conveyor with turning unit

Barcode-Scanner 1D/2D/process free

Bending Machine with optional register punch; multi-format capable; up to 150 plates/h

Intermediate conveyor, e.g. for transfer in another room

Inkjet-Printer for lettering the printing plate

Turntable of bended printing plates

Touch-Panel with signal-lamp

Plate Cart for up to 120 printing plates RFID for clear identification

Plate stacker with lateral plate stacking

  • Bending machine multi-format capable
  • Up to 160 plates/hour
  • Any number of stacker positions
  • Sorting via exposed barcodes
  • The printing plates can be stacked in offset
  • Up to 120 printing plates per plate trolley
  • Lowerable swivel arms for scratch-free stacking of the printing plates (especially important for process-free printing plates)
  • Visualisation solutions and RFID
  • Scanner solutions for process-free printing plates
  • No protocol punching necessary (round hole), saves costs of inline punches in the CTP
  • No Windows PCs installed for the controls, no software updates necessary
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Use of brand components, Siemens, Festo, Keyence, Turck etc.
  • Low consumption costs through the use of 24 V drive motors
  • Simple operation
  • High quality design
  • Modifications and extensions possible
  • Swivel belts
  • Roller/belt conveyors
  • Cross conveyors
  • Turntables
  • Stackers
  • Panel carts
  • QR Code reader
  • Inkjet printers
  • Signal exchange with 3rd party equipment
  • Sorting software
  • Connection to workflow or MIS
  • RFID identification of the plate carts
  • Job data visualisation including monitor and job sheet
  • Remote maintenance
  • Customer-specific programming on request

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